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Kulisha produces a low-cost, high-quality sustainable fish feed made from insects
for use on aquaculture farms in Kenya.

About Us
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About Us

Kulisha, named after the Swahili verb “to feed,” will produce a low-cost, high-quality protein base made from insects as an alternative to conventional feed. We grow, harvest, process, and package the insects, targeting small-scale rural aquaculture farmers. Kulisha is founded on the three targets of addressing a significantly underserved market segment in the aquaculture industry, supporting economic development and growth in emerging markets, and creating environmentally sustainable solutions.

Viraj Sikand

Brown University

    Eric Katz

    University of Michigan

      Maya Faulstich-Hon

      Brown University

        Lunalo Cletus

        University of Nairobi

          Arjun Paunrana

          University of California - Los Angeles

            Joseph Nderitu