Here at Kulisha, we believe that knowledge of our food systems is a critical part of a child's education. Unfortunately, all too often this is taught in a classroom, where the details are lost on children who never had the opportunity to form a direct connection with farmlands and animals. 

Backyard chickens offers the chance for all children to engage with farming. Simple, low maintenance, and capable of producing food in the form of eggs every day, chickens are a powerful tool in experiential learning. It's why our very own city of Ann Arbor expanded the chicken ordinance to include schools!  

 Children learn to:

• Develop compassion
• Look after animals
• Easily recognize where our food comes from.

With chickens, the only time when constant adult attention is required is raising them from chicks into maturity. But because Kulisha supplies egg-laying hens, this whole part can be skipped and the chickens can largely be left to their own.

Adult hens are extremely self sufficient, and the only tasks that would need to be done would be filling the feeder and waterer, cleaning out the hay and collecting eggs!

Kulisha offers an educational discount of 10% on our Coop+ product for all registered schools. Contact us for more details on this!

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